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Every day we are making connections. Whether it be at work, making new friends, or simply plugging in your phone.

Each Sunday we get to see how we are connected through the body of Christ as brothers and sisters. With Jesus as our source, we are able to light up the rest of the connections in our lives.


Here at Freedom Church, we want to give you the spark you need to continue to shine.


We've created an opportunity for you to get further connected here at Freedom each Sunday in June!




Discover Us as you Discover You

Are you new to Freedom and have been enjoying the worship, word, and community? Or, maybe you've been attending for a bit and want to make things official. Faith Forward is your opportunity to discover us as you discover you!


During this 3 step process, you will discover who Freedom is and what it means to join the Freedom Family during step one. Step two is all about YOU! God has wired us individually with gifts and talents that make us unique. During step two, you will discover how you are wonderfully made by God. Join us for Step 2 on Sunday, June 9th at 2PM! 

This Sunday, there will be opportunities to register for Step 2 before and after each worship experience. 

Ready to register now?



Our mission here at Freedom is to move people into Freedom through the love and power of Jesus Christ. 

Liberator (li·br·ay·tr): someone who sets people free from captivity

As a Freedom Liberator, you have the opportunity to set people free (moving people into Freedom) through the love and power of Jesus Christ!

June 9th is your opportunity to take your next step from family member to partner by joining a Freedom Team.

Stop by the tables in the hallway to learn more about how you can use your gifts and talents here at Freedom!

Want to learn more about the our Freedom Teams?

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One of our core values here at Freedom is Evangelism, "We Share Freely." 

There are many ways to practice sharing freely here at Freedom. 
1. Inviting someone to join you for one of our worship experiences. 

2. Following and staying engaged with us on social media (@thisisfreedomdfw).

Partner with us in sharing the gospel by inviting 3 people to join us for worship at 8:30, 10:15, and 12pm and following us on social media!



Each Sunday, we learn in rows during the worship experiences. But, we believe we grow in circles!


Our L.i.F.E (living in freedom everyday) Groups are an opportunity to grow together and build community!


Partner with us in building community by signing up to lead a group this Fall!

Not sure what group you want to lead? No worries, we have resources to help you make that decision! 

Click the button below to sign up to lead a L.i.F.E Group in September.

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